My name is Mike Delderfield. I am (amongst other things) a climber, dog owner and photographer based in Rossendale, Lancashire, England.
Most of my pictures are from local trips out climbing or walking. There is the very occasional foray further afield when time and circumstance allows. I've had a few photos published in climbing guidebooks and won the UK Climbing - Bouldering Photo of the Year Award in 2018...which was nice!
I'm keen to further improve my wildlife photography and this will be a particular focus for me in 2021 - 2022.
I don't have a particular photographic style preferring to produce an image depending on the situation or the thoughts/emotions that I am trying to tap into.
Get in touch if you like my photos or would like to comment on them!

Wind blown grass trapped on a fence on Marston Moor

Thank you!
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