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My wildlife kit
I currently have two cameras a Sony A9 & Sony RX100vi, I used to have three but realised that one (Sony A6500) was not seeing much use so I got rid! The size difference Sony FF (A7iii at the time) to APSC did not seem so great, so I only ever reached for the Sony FF. I wasn't then much into wildlife though. If I'd known then what I know now I might have kept the A6500, that said I was never overly loving of the A6500 ergonmics, so who know.....
I don't think that I really need to say that the A9 is what I use for wildlife coupled with the Sony 200-600mm lens. These two IMHO may a fantastic combination; both matching each others performance levels without caveats! I've not had the A9 long, I previosuly used the Sony A7iii, which is a great camera but I felt that the autofocus speed was was stopping me from getting the pinsharp images I was hoping for especialy with birds in flight and headed directly towards me. The A7 does 20 AF calculation/second and shoots 10FPS, which is no slouch but the A9 with it's stacked sensor manages 60 calculations/second and 20FPS. If you imagine a bird flying at 20 mph which is equivalent to 9 metres per second then the A7 is calculating focus every 0.5m and shooting every 1m, wheareas the A9 is calculating focus every 17cm and shooting every 0.5m. Clealy the A9 has a big advantage for focusing on moving subjects!
I am a bit of a wealking , so whenever I can I'll use the above with a tripod of monopod. I haven't spent silly money on either using a Manfrotto Befree Advanced Aluminium tripod and a SIRUI P-326 Carbon Fibre Monopod. I also use a Black Rapid FastenR Tripod plate to quickly mount the Sony lens foot onto the ball head that use on the tri/monopod. It works reasonably well, but is still a bit of a faff to unclip from the Black Rapid shouder strap, I could do better on this........

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